As a jewelry lover, you may have come across the latest trend taking over the jewelry scene on social media lately: permanent jewelry. A term that would leave you wondering what permanent jewelry looks like, how you can get it attached to your wrist or ankle, and what makes it so trendy. Worry not, as you’ll learn everything about this jewelry trend in this short guide.

What is permanent jewelry?

As the name indicates, “permanent jewelry” is jewelry that you can’t take off. It is jewelry that is simply welded closed on your wrist, neck, or ankle, making you linked to it for life until it breaks off or you have it carefully removed by your jeweler. The process is also painless, safe, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

How to get permanent jewelry

If you are interested in getting permanent jewelry for yourself, there are various steps you should follow.

1. Schedule an appointment

Many jewelers who provide this service do so by appointment only. It is good to schedule one so you can be guaranteed a slot and quality time.

2. Visit the store during your appointment and choose your chain

At the jeweler’s place, you will be provided with a portfolio of the chains they will use to modify your permanent bracelet or anklet. You will then choose your desired chain and any add-ons you wish to have on your jewelry. The staff can guide you on that, especially if it is for a special occasion or event.

3. Fitting and linking the jewelry

After you choose your chain, it will then be fitted around your wrist or ankle. The jeweler will perfectly and carefully weld both ends together using a laser. The area where the ends zap is covered and linked completely, making it a permanent piece of jewelry. And as explained above, the process is painless and easy.

Should I get permanent jewelry?

The answer to this question is a definitive yes. This is especially true if you are the kind of person who loses their jewelry on many occasions. Permanent jewelry also has a sentimental aspect; for example, it can serve as a special reminder of a friendship or romantic relationship, you can use it to remember someone you loved and who is no longer with you, or it could be used to represent your bond with your parents.


With the increase in popularity of permanent jewelry, it is now worth saying that engaging in this trend is now inevitable. However, it is also good to choose a reliable source or jeweler for a reliable job. You should also be able to check the authenticity of the gold before you buy it.

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