Sterling Silver

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  • Athena 15mm Diamond Silver Hoop Earrings Diamond Information Shape: Round Diamond Size: 1.2mm Clarity: SI1 Total Carat Weight: 0.11 No. Of Diamonds: 12

  • Athena 18mm Diamond Silver Hoop Earrings Diamond Information Shape: Round Diamond Size: 1.2mm Clarity: SI1 Total Carat Weight: 0.11 No. Of Diamonds: 12

  • Crop Circle Sterling Silver Engraved Twisted Hoop Earrings

  • Cute and shiny pendant with a charcteristic layering-look (designed by the German Designer Nadine Resch) and a brilliant diamond (0,02ct). Sparkling diamonds have always been a great source of pleasure. Their unique character enthrals us and turns every piece of jewellery, especially in combination with fine sterling silver, into an everlasting treasure. Their typical sheen, their extreme durability, their elegant cut and their rarity are just a few of their properties and explain why diamonds have been regarded as something extra special for centuries. Satin Finished Sterling Silver

  • DINO SHIFT This mini dog tag showcases Fossil Dinosaur bone (100 million years old) inlaid into Sterling Silver, with a satin finished engraving panel on the reverse side. Offered on a 22″ Sterling Silver chain. MATERIALS & ARTISTRY Fossil Dinosaurbone Sterling Silver FEATURES & SPECS Pendant is .9″ tall x .56″ wide x .14″ thick

  • E.L. Designs Sterling Silver Aura Hoop Small Earrings What makes a simple hoop simply perfect? These earrings are handcrafted from a single wire, hand-hammered for glittering shine, and designed with just enough tension to hold securely in its built-in closure.

  • E.L.DESIGNS Sterling Silver Dangle Pearl Large Earrings These feminine earrings are designed to embrace the curve of your face. The long, sweeping French back earwire hooks at the bottom to complete the arc of the design.

  • ELDESIGNS Sterling Silver CHECKERBOARD SWING With Rhodolite Garnet Bracelet A beautiful addition to our “swing” bracelet group. Hand-hammered texture and a unique cut gemstone.

  • ELDESIGNS Sterling Silver Rendezvous Cultured White Pearl Bracelet

  • Elongated sterling silver knuckle ring featuring a sprinkled setting of labradorite gemstones and a KIR logo design

  • FOSSIL MAMMOTH TOOTH The woolly mammoth is the next most depicted animal in Ice Age art after horses and bisons, and these images were produced up to 11,500 years ago. Today, more than five hundred depictions of woolly mammoths are known, in media ranging from carvings and cave paintings located in 46 caves in Russia, France and Spain, to sculptures and engravings made from different materials. William Henry’s fossil Mammoth tooth is harvested in Alaska and Siberia. It is a rare and mesmerizing material, a living testimony of the dawn of Mankind.

  • Hammered Sterling Silver Sterling Silver Black Druzy Cuff Bracelet 2= Pear Shaped Druzys

  • Hammered Taper Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

  • Lady’ Neptunes Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet with 10= Round Moonstones

  • Lady’s 1.9Mm 18 inch Cable Chain Sterling Silver Logo Pendant With One Round Diamond