If you’re in the market for jewelry, such as a diamond ring, you probably know that diamonds are sold by weight – not size. This means that a wide-cut diamond may appear larger than its rounder (or narrower) counterpart – even if the actual mass and value of each rock is the same. 

Oval Diamonds Look Bigger Than Round Ones

Generally speaking, certain “fancy” diamond shapes look bigger than round ones for the exact reason described above. A two-carat diamond that’s cut round will be roughly 8.1 millimeters across; on the flipside, a two-carat oval is 10.5 millimeters across. Because of this, most people will identify oval diamonds as larger than round cuts of the same weight. 

Think about it like this: two pools with the same amount of water but different depths will appear larger or smaller from the surface depending on how deep or shallow they are. A pool that’s 8 feet deep, for example, will look bigger than a pool that is 10 feet deep and has the same mass because the surface area of the 8-foot pool is larger (even though the water itself is more shallow). 

Elongated Fancy Diamonds Look the Biggest 

In short, there’s no one type of diamond that looks larger than other cuts – only a general rule that elongated shapes (such as oval, emerald, radiant, pear, and marquise) will probably appear larger to viewers than a traditional round or square diamond. 

Typically, the more elongated the shape, the larger it will appear. Thus, oval and marquise are probably your best options if you’re looking for a diamond that will appear its best (and biggest) compared to other diamonds of the same weight. 

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