The history of the name baguette originates from French cuisine. It is named after a long rectangular French loaf of bread called a baguette. A baguette diamond assumes a long, rectangular shape of about 5.1 ratio of length to width.

 It was invented in the 1920s and 1930s, making it a popular cut of diamond engagement rings. The Art Nouveau and Art Deco art movements popularized the baguette diamond in the jewelry industry.

Characteristics Of A Baguette Diamond

Apart from the long thin rectangular shape, there are other features of the baguette diamond we will look into below.

  • Lightweight– A baguette diamond comes in less than a carat cut.
  • Edges– Unlike other cuts of diamonds, the baguette has straight and tapered edges. It makes the corners stand out in perfect squares. It makes them outstanding from the Emerald and Asscher cuts.
  • Facet– The baguette has a maximum of 24 facets, giving it a minimalist and charming effect. The ordinary diamond cut has 51 to 58 facets per cut; with fewer cuts, the brilliance is easily identified and styled, making the baguette ideal for wedding and engagement rings.
  • Sparkle– The few facets in the baguette diamond make its brilliance less and it is not deflected as brightly compared to others. Making the center of the cut outstanding in its shine.

Why Buy A Baguette Diamond?

  • Its pocket friendly– The baguette diamond is one of the most affordable diamonds on the market, because more detail and attention is drawn to the other cuts like the emerald.
  • Perfect side stones– As I detailed the shape of the baguette above, its perfect corners and shape make it easy to style, especially for engagement and wedding rings.
  • Versatile– The baguette can be styled and designed in several ways into a piece of jewelry. Their placement can easily be put vertically or horizontally.
    By analyzing a diamond using the descriptions above, you will easily differentiate a baguette diamond from the rest of the cuts. 

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