When considering the purchase of a magnificent natural diamond, clarity enhanced diamonds are one of the most cost-effective options. Many people choose clarity enhanced diamonds since they may have a larger diamond with the same characteristics at a lower price than a smaller diamond with the same appearance.

A clarity-enhanced diamond has been treated to eliminate inclusions and blemishes. The diamond industry’s two primary methods of clarity treatment are laser drilling and fracture filling. Clarity enhancement may increase the clarity of diamonds with severely low clarity.

The Advantages of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

  • The main benefit of choosing clarity-enhanced diamonds is the lower cost. A treated diamond of the same clarity grade may cost 20%-30% less than an untreated diamond of a similar clarity grade. Consider enhanced diamonds to get a reasonable bargain on a gem with the clarity grade you want.
  • Diamond clarity enhancing techniques may eliminate obvious imperfections and turn a stone with one or more visible inclusions into a flawless diamond.
  • Larger carat weight is desirable for any budget.

The Disadvantages of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

  • Cleaning is more difficult with enhanced diamonds since they cannot be exposed to ultrasonic cleaning or high temperatures due to the danger of fracture.
  • To avoid risk, you must advise jewelers and cleaners that you have an enhanced diamond when cleaning, repairing, or resizing your ring.
  • Even if the diamonds are real, natural diamonds, the knowledge that their clarity has been enhanced artificially may be distressing. This is more of a psychological disadvantage than a physical disadvantage of Clarity Enhanced diamonds.

Should I Purchase A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

You must decide whether to buy the stone of your future journey together. A clarity-improved diamond has beauty and brilliance without the high cost.

Defects and flaws in diamonds may also affect the stone’s color. Investing in a clarity-enhanced diamond is a wonderful option to save money on your engagement ring!

Consequently, you may now choose whether to purchase your improved diamond engagement ring. Victoria Marie Jewelers is here to answer any questions regarding diamond jewelry.