A cushion-cut diamond has a square shape with curved edges that give it a pillow appearance, hence the name. Its shape combines the modern round brilliant cut with the vintage old mine facet pattern. The cushion cut diamond is not only used for engagement rings but also as fashion diamonds.

Characteristics Of A Cushion Cut Diamond

  • Shape– The cushion-cut diamond has a square shape with curved edges. However, they may have rectangular shapes too. It also has an open bottom.
  • Facets– Has 68 large facets.
  • Cut– The cushion cut is brilliant, just like the brilliant round and princess cuts.
  • Style– the cut is versatile and hence can accommodate different styles. They can be crushed ice or chunky, conventional or customized, or rectangular or square.
  • Look– The cut has a vintage and antique look.

Types of Cushion Cut Diamond

Old Mine Cut Antique Cushion

This rare cushion cut is a precursor to modern cushion cuts. It was the main shape the cutters used in the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Cushion Modified

The cushion cut has an extra row of facets hence looks like crushed ice. It is the most popular type.

Cushion Brilliant

It is considered a premium cut because it is rarer than cushion modified cut. Also, it has fewer facets and is bigger; hence sparkles more like a round brilliant cut diamond.

History Of The Cushion Cut

The cushion cut has existed since the 1700s as an old mine cut named after mines in Brazil. The old mine cut had a square shape, 58 facets, a small table, and a high crown and was cut and polished by hand. The old mine evolved to 68 facets which enhances the diamond’s brilliance. At the beginning of the 1830s, the cushion cut became standard due to its natural enhancement of shape, weight retention, and reflection of candlelight.

How To Pick A Cushion Cut Diamond


Picking a cushion diamond based on its clarity requires you to consider the type of cushion cut and shape. Cushion modified has a crushed ice look that masks imperfections better than other types. As for the shape, you should have the inclusions at the corners for pear and marquise shapes so that the crushed ice hides them in those areas. When buying a cushion-cut diamond, pick the lowest clarity that is eye-clean. Also, ensure that you inspect the diamond for clarity before purchase.


The recommended color is H or better. Only go lower to J or K if the jeweler sets your diamond on a rose or yellow gold metal. H offers good value and is practically colorless, if not wholly colorless, attributed to a slight yellow tint. The cut is perfect for fancy colors since it hides their colors. 


When it comes to a cushion cut diamond, the following parameters guide your cut:

  • A table that is less than 70%
  • No cutlet
  • A depth that is less than 70%
  • Thin to thick girdle
  • Good, Very Good, or Excellent symmetry. 
  • Excellent to a very good polish
  • Non to medium fluorescence
  • Length-to-width ratio based on your personal preference.


The price of the diamond rises exponentially with carat size, just like other diamonds. An outstanding option for an engagement ring is a 2-carat diamond ring.

Buying A Cushion Cut Diamond

After considering all the factors discussed and deciding on the cushion-cut diamond for your jewelry, visit Victoria Marie Jewelers. We are dedicated to excellent service delivery with a professional to help you with decision-making and proper jewelry setting. We assure you that we will exceed your expectations. Contact us today for your order.