There are plenty of diamonds to choose from when looking at jewelry, and salt-and-pepper diamonds are some of the most sought-after stones, especially in 2022. A salt-and-pepper diamond is a contemporary style choice, but one that will stand the test of time. Those who have never laid eyes on a salt-and-pepper diamond are pleasantly surprised by its unique look. 

How Does A Salt-And-Pepper Diamond Get Its Color?

Hence the name, salt-and-pepper diamonds appear black and white or gray. This color comes from the inclusions of nature.

What Are Diamond Inclusions?

Diamond inclusions are nature’s way of giving diamonds their unique and “imperfect” look. Inclusions come from nature’s elements during the formation of the diamond. However technical the term is, salt-and-pepper diamonds are far from imperfect! They are stunning and unique, two of the most important characteristics to have in a diamond.

The volume of inclusions determines the transparency of the diamond. Typically, more inclusions mean a less expensive diamond and darker in color; a diamond with fewer inclusions means more expensive and lighter in color. However, whether your diamond has more or fewer inclusions depends on your preference.

When Should You Purchase A Salt-And-Pepper Diamond?

A salt-and-pepper diamond is a popular choice for an engagement ring. Each love story is unique, so why not have a unique stone as a token of your love?

What Is The Best Cut For A Salt-And-Pepper Diamond?

The most common cut for a salt-and-pepper diamond is a rose cut. A rose cut has more surface area, a flat bottom, and resembles the top of a rose flower. More surface area benefits a salt-and-pepper diamond because you will want to see the inclusions as much as possible to have the right effect.

The bottom line is, although salt-and-pepper diamonds are typically less expensive than traditional diamonds, they are as beautiful and timeless as colorless diamonds. Salt-and-pepper diamonds are a hot topic for those who want a unique stone. Contact us today for your salt-and-pepper diamond!