When searching for a unique and elegant diamond cut, look no further than the stunning beauty of an Asscher cut diamond. The architectural beauty of an Asscher cut diamond makes an elegant statement as a solitaire and shimmers beautifully in a channel, cathedral, or pave setting. Regardless of the setting, knowing the history and details of the Asscher cut diamond can help you pick the perfect stone. 

History Of The Asscher Cut Diamond

First designed and patented in 1902 by Joseph Asscher of I.J. Asscher Diamond Company, the Asscher Diamond Cut first consisted of 58 facets and would later be known as the Standard Asscher Cut. The patent for this version of the Asscher Cut diamond expired during WWII. It was succeeded by the Royal Asscher Cut, with 16 more facets for a total of 74 facets and a higher crown. The additional facets created even more shimmer and added to the popularity of the cut. 

What to Look For In An Asscher Cut Diamond


Asscher cut diamonds are considered a step cut, meaning each side of the stone is cut in a cascading fashion, resembling a flight of steps. Because of the architecture of this design, the clarity of the Asscher cut is of great importance, as every blemish in the diamond is revealed in this cut. However, it also means a stone of great clarity radiates as beautifully as light bouncing off mirrors. 


The depth of a stone is measured from its tip to the lowest point or culet. A 60%-68% depth is ideal for an Asscher Cut diamond. However, a shallower stone can be compensated for with a broader table or “spread.”


A four-prong ring setting allows the most light to enter, which creates the greatest light reflection. Another way to add to this effect is with Cathedral and Trellis settings. These settings lift the diamond higher off the band, allowing greater access to light. 

The Asscher Cut Diamond is a beautiful stone that radiates brilliance and elegance. Sought after for both its unique square shape and its vintage feel, the Asscher Cut is a timeless choice. For expert advice and beautiful Asscher Cut diamond selection, book an appointment at Victoria Marie Jewelers.