The term, diamond brilliance, is often used to refer to the sparkle or light that a diamond displays. Brilliance is just one of the three aspects, in which affect a diamond’s sparkle. Along with the gemology terms of fire and scintillation, diamond brilliance affects the overall sparkle and luster of a diamond. Today, we are going to specifically look at what diamond brilliance is and how it affects the sparkle of a diamond.

What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

Light travels at a high rate. But because diamonds are clear, dense matter, light travels slower through them. This, in turn, causes light to reflect off of the diamond’s facets, which helps create the overall sparkle of the diamond. Scintillation describes the process of when a diamond is rotated. As it rotates, the stone gives off rainbow hues (defined as fire) and white light colors (defined as brilliance). These processes combined create the diamond’s unique sparkle and beauty.

How Is Diamond Brilliance Determined?

In order for the depth of diamond brilliance to be determined in a stone, there are several key factors that are taken into consideration. The following are a few of the factors that determine a diamond’s brilliance:

  • The Cut or Facets: How a diamond is cut greatly affects the brilliance of a diamond. The facets, in which to shape a diamond, should be made in a way that allows the stone to show its brilliance. One such cut is called the Brilliant Cut; it has 58 facets, allowing for optimal light to shine throughout the diamond.
  • The Proportions: The size is also another thing to consider when looking for the amount of diamond brilliance in a gem. The proportion relates to the diamond’s cut; and in order for the gems to reflect the ideal amount of light, the proportions need to be precisely accurate.
  • The Clarity: When the clarity features in a diamond are slightly marred, it can greatly affect diamond brilliance. The less light that is able to enter through the stone, the duller the brilliance and overall appearance will be. For lower grade diamonds, clarity is crucial for the stone’s brilliance. 

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