One of the most significant defining factors of a diamond is its sparkle. A diamond’s sparkle makes it unique and special. While every diamond sparkles, certain cuts, light conditions, or shapes tend to have a more pronounced sparkle than others. 

What Is A Diamond’s Sparkle?

Well-cut diamonds have the ability to reflect different types of light. The ability to reflect light is generally referred to as fire and brilliance. 

  • Brilliance refers to the ability of a diamond to reflect white light. The more white light a diamond reflects as you observe it, the more brilliant it is. This characteristic makes a diamond look beautiful and sparkle. 
  • Fire refers to a diamond’s ability to scatter colored light. A diamond with a great fire gives off a colorful reflection giving it a remarkable character and quality. Fire may take the form of any color ranging from violet, blue, yellow, or green to red. 

What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

The ability of a diamond to take in light and reflect it to the person viewing it determines a diamond’s sparkle. The more light a diamond can reflect, the more sparkly it will appear. For the light has to be reflected, it bounces off a facet. A facet acts like a mirror that reflects light from one part of the diamond to another and finally out of the diamond to create a beautiful sparkle. 

Which Diamond Cut Sparkles The Most?

A round cut is the most sparkly, brilliant diamond cut. Including the culet, the cut has 58 facets allowing light to enter the diamond and reflect off every facet creating a beautiful sparkle. 

Interesting fact:  In 1919, a diamond cutter and engineer, Marcel Tolkowsky, published a mathematical formula to attain the ideal diamond brilliance. His formula led to the innovation of the brilliant round cut, which is one of the most popular diamond shapes.

Where to Buy a Round Cut Diamond

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